fdisk usage

I will show the usage of JNode fdisk below.
The disk hda is empty and without mbr.
So the first thing to do is initialize the mbr:

fdisk --initmbr hda

Now we have a mbr, with no partitions.
So the next step is to create a partition:

fdisk -m 0:0:1048576:6 hda

In detail:

-m means create (or modify) a partition.
The 0:0:1048576:6 is the description of the partition to be created.
hda is our disk.

Now I will describe the description string 0:0:1048576:6:
In general:

ID is the partition id.
start is the start sector of our partition.
size is the partition size in sectors.
fs is the filesystem number (IBM partition type numbers)

So we created a partition with:
ID 0
start sector 0
size (in sectors) 1048576
fs 6 (fat16 over 32M)

After creating this partition we have to format it.
Now we have to restart JNode (maybe it is sufficient to just reload the ide plugins).
JNode should no try to mount fat16 on our new partition and throw an exception.

Now we can do a :
format -t fat16 hda0

Thats it.