TFTP client

I've written a console TFTP client and managed to integrate it nicely into the shell. Unfortunately, it does not function properly. In interactive mode it doesn't seem to accept input from In non-interactive mode I got some FileOutputStream exception while attempting to download to the jnode ram disk. Any ideas?

tftp URL's


Are you aware that there is a tftp protocol in jnode?
this means that something like tftp://server/myfile.txt works.

With respect to our question, please post the stacktrace.


Bug fix

I have found the problem causing the stack trace, and posted a fix for it on the patch tracker.

BOOTP/TFTP servers

I've almost got basic bootp and tftp servers working. So hopefully it should soon be possible to boot jnode from another jnode machine! Any recommendations for a bootp config file format? XML? standard linux? properties file?

I've also noticed some problem with jnode receiving non-broadcast UDP packets. Sending seems OK, but when I try UDPTest it never seems to receive anything when I run UDPSendTest from a Windows machine. Is this a known issue? or particular to me?