Graphics trouble

I'm trying to set up to develop JNode on my Sony Vaio laptop (pcg-fxa32), 900 MHz Duron 512MB. The OS starts okay on network boot, and command line is fine, commands run as expected (loadkeys, charvabsh, etc.)

Several versions ago, startawt would bring up the gui, but in this version I get the black screen of death on startawt(and cannot alt-f7 or alt-f1) to bring up debug or console. How can I figure out what is wrong?

Did we lose support for SVGA (or whatever my system would use?) My VMWare trial just ran out, so any help you can give here is appreciated.

Same JNODE Problem

I have Gainward NVidia FX 5200 (256M) and having same problem to deploy this. I am a video game developer, graphics and logo designer [spam link removed] too so i need to resolve this as soon as possible. I am getting blank screen ut before that screen there are some exceptions are there. I really don't have any idea how to solve this one

Do you really intent to install ...

... JNode for every day use ? It's not yet ready for production in my opinion.

If you need something solved "as soon as possible", then it would be better that **you** are trying to fix the bug. I don't know if you are paid to work on JNode but nobody in the **very small** JNode team is paid to work on JNode. So, we are doing our best to make JNode better during our spare time. You are welcome to work on the JNode development !

I don't have that video card. You said there is some exceptions but I can't guess which exception you have : to have a chance to be helped, you should give more details, like a screenshot of the stacktrace.


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how to design and develop a java os?

I do not know which programming language I should select to develop a
operating system. who can tell me the reason I choose java to develop it. thanks so much

For common OS questions you

For common OS questions you can post on the alt.os.development newsgroups.

But, one of the main reasons is to get closer to the hardware and not having the layer of a other OS. As example you today see many server side applications that are running inside J2EE and why spend time on non java stuff like windows/unix/linux/*bsd? You can see more here.


VGA driver

These systems probably use the VGA (yes really) driver, which is not so good.

You can try:
- Use the kernel debugger (kdb on) and watch the output of COM1
- Type Alt-F12, which should close graphics and return you to text mode
- Write a driver for your graphics card. This is really the best option Smiling



why not use c or c++ to develop driver, I think java is slower than c

Then use Linux

If you want C drivers, just use Linux.

This project is about a Java OS.


That depends on the quality

That depends on the quality of the Java system, and whether a lot of bit level manipulation has to be done.

For this project Java is ok.

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VGA Exception

On alt-f12, here's my exception:

Exception during event dispatch:
java.awt.image.ColorModel!createCompatibleSampleModel (701)
java.awt.image.ColorModel!createCompatibleWritableRaster (694)
java.awt.image.BufferedImage! (217)
org.jnode.awt.image.JNodeBufferedImage! (62)!createCompatibleImage (58)
org.jnode.awt.JNodeGraphicsConfiguration!createCompatibleImage (60)
org.jnode.awt.JNodeGraphicsConfiguration!createCompatibleImage (70)
org.jnode.awt.JNodeToolkit!createCompatibleImage (234)
org.jnode.awt.swingpeers.DesktopFramePeer!createImage( 253)

What's happening is VGAConfiguration returns BYTE_INDEXED a la:

return new JNodeBufferedImage(w, h, BufferedImage.TYPE_BYTE_INDEXED, colorModel);

and IndexColorModel doesn't override ColorModel's method:

// Typically overridden
public SampleModel createCompatibleSampleModel(int w, int h)
throw new UnsupportedOperationException();

So what's to do? The long term solution would be to implement createCompatibleSampleModel in IndexColorModel, but I don't know details about how this is supposed to work.

Can I just have VGAConfiguration use a different image type?

Is there another way to solve this problem?
Thanks for your help.

Sam Reid

Double buffering

You could try to locally disable double buffering, (see javax.swing.RepaintManager) but that would probably result in a very much flickering screen.

I still think the best solution is to find the docs for your graphics card and write a driver for it.


Same problem on old pc

I have the same probleme with old pc equiped with i740 and i810 onboard graphic cards.

Same problem too

Blank screen when lauching the GUI.
I have an ATI Mobility X700.
Does the VGA driver not work with any VESA compliant card ?

Graphics card?

What graphics card do you have?


Same problem with SiS video (on an IBM NetVista)

I'm having the same problem.

It seems to that even though the system may not like using a basic VGA driver, it still needs to be able to display *something* at the very least to tell the user that they need some other hardware and how to exit the current screen.

FX 5200

I have the same problem with a Gainward NVidia FX 5200 (256M). I just get a blank grey screen when I type startawt. I really would like to write a driver for this graphics card, but low level graphics programming is new to me. What kind of information do i need from the manufacturer of the card and where do I start in relation to JNode, i.e. is there a Driver class I need to extend?

I have an ATI Radeon and i

I have an ATI Radeon and i got an black screen too. So it might be an
problem in general. However i got no plan.