Enable JNode's dynamically configurability with OSGi


Why not enable the dynamically configurability of JNode with OSGi just like Eclipse 3.0 did?

It seem natrual that we follow Eclipse 3.0's way since JNode adopted Eclipse's component model.
Currently, I'm working on it, and found the Eclipse's OSGi is rather modular: If you want OSGi and the extension registry, just take an Eclipse drop and use only the org.eclipse.osgi and org.eclipse.core.runtime bundles.

Basically Eclipse is completely OSGi and you should just take the
bundles/plugins you want. Note also that Eclipse guys have a 3.2 plan item to make this even better.


Great idea!


This came up on thread http://www.jnode.org/node/699 and it was noted that there might be licensing issues with OSGi R3. Since that time, it has come out that the R4 spec and sources will be released under the Eclipse Public License (EPL). If EPL is more amenable to JNode, then I hope you'll take a look at OSGi.