I just ran across the PJA Toolkit on eTeks,


Looks like they may have implemented some graphics stuff that JNode needs, bresenham, fonts, etc. They say 100% pure java and GPL.

Sam Reid


I've been using PJA's font subsystem in Odonata (pure java AWT peers) and it's funtional. It's also problematic to use as the fonts need to be 'captured' from a fully-functional JDK and then stored in the custom .pjaf format. Additionally, fonts are usually copyrighted and their license normally prohibits redistribution (with a number of exceptions).

I've therefore started my own font subsystem for Odonata to support the greyscale extension to the BDF font format (see here)

Maybe at some later point I'll see about adapting the TrueType engine from fonteditor.org for use in Odonata too. My concern would then be performance.

I haven't taken a look at PJA's geometric stuff as Odonata implements its own (using integerised algorithms) mostly complete set of primitives (poly-fill and arcs currently MIA).

Steph Meslin-Weber

Did you follow the previous discussions ?

A long while back...

... but thanks for refreshing my memory Smiling

I'll go post comments on there too.

Steph Meslin-Weber