Tomcat on JNode

Wouldn't it be nice to start to run Tomcat on JNode.

I don't know if it can be done yet, but let's set a nice target.

java http daemon

I just happen to develop nekhttpd1 for my application as I needed a good Java web server that is embeddeble.
It supports HTTP 1.0, 1.1, SSL, POST, GET.
The nicest thing that it does not support PHP, ASP or CGI-BIN, just Beanshell Smiling
Tha sad thing is that it needs JRE1.4

It's binary is under 10K when zipped. I would gladly help to port it to JNode as I am a Java fanatic...

An older version can be downloaded from
but that does not supports virtual hosts as my current developement version.
I hope I can upload the 0.5 to sourceforge in days with virtual hosts, hash-based authentication and session support.

It is LGPL.

Or you prefer

Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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I would say use Jetty instead

I would say use Jetty instead of tomcat. It was design to be more modular and embeddable. then you can pin it directly to the kernel. can you say a true web os. drop a file in a directory and you have a running application. it's the same thing microsoft is doing with .NET. embed it @ the kernel layer.

if you get the speed of JNode to be acceptable then there will be no faster Web Container around.

It would be nice, but I guess

It would be nice, but I guess we still are missing the fs as there are some conf files like server.xml and a place to deploy the webapps.