Tango Icon Library

I found this page:


The Tango Desktop Project exists to create a consistent user experience for free and Open Source software with graphical user interfaces.

Until someone makes special JNode icons, this ressource might be handy.

Not that much icons

I looked at it and the icon library is not that big. I couldn't find standard icons like cut/copy/preview/zoom in/zoom out/exit.

You also have only 2 different sizes.

If you want a larger collection, I would advice the Crystal icons collection or the Open Office collection.

'Java Desktop UI' from jdistro

I found this link recently: http://www.jdistro.com/

A Good Desktop UI. The purpose of this project is to introduce the JDistro Desktop UI.Its goal is the creation of a desktop for the Java virtual machine.
I think this project desktop concepts will help in developing a neat "Desktop" for JNode.


JDistro was already proposed for JNode. See this post.

Currently, the authors of JDistro are probably trying to make it work with GNU Classpath with another VM (so, outside of JNode). After, maybe, there will have a try to make it one of the possible JNode desktops.