Can JNode boot from a harddisk?

hi, i love the idea of jnode, and want to play with it.
i've download and build the source,
but i don't know how to install it on a harddisk and boot from it.
could someone help?

Read this

You can read this : but keep in mind that there is no "simple way" to install jnode for the moment.

Fabien L.

broken link?

the above link doesnt seem to work, can someone post the information there?

Peter G

done successfully

I had another try, and it worked!
Grub is already installed, because i use Federal Core Linux.
just change the grub.conf then boot ok.

It's great. I even believe it will be greater than linux.
But now, i cannot startawt on my video card "gforce4-mx", and meet some kernel panic. But i think i love it. thanks all of you.