I'm working on implementation / integration of telnet (server) into JNode.
I set up the ServerSocket to listen on port 23, without any difficulties.
But got the following after trying to connect from another box:

DEBUG [TCPProtocol]: Receive: 1223 > 23: S 330085413:330085413(0), win 65535
DEBUG [TCPProtocol]: Port unreachable
DEBUG [TCPProtocol]: send(ipHdr, 23 > 1223: R 0:0(0), ack 330085414 win 0)
DEBUG [ARPNetworkLayer]: getHardwareAdress(,, eth-pci(0,17,0), 5000)

after a quick look into the TCPProtocol I think the TCPControlBlock is null for my ServerSocket.

Any suggestions to fix this behavior?