Font Implementation

What about using

as a font rendering implementation?

Too old...

... and unsuitable for decent font rendering.

See :

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this topic.


Too old.

Fonts in SVG format

Hi to all,
I've seen an Utility that converts fonts from TrueType (TTF) format to SVG, so they can later be modified and viewed using some SVG Viewer (Batik, Firefox, etc). But this could be used only as a starting point, to have some font for testing purposed.

JNode fonts could also be stored as svgz (svg compressed).

Try a Google search with: "Font+ttf+to+SVG".


I like your idea <b>very</b> much...

... although I don't like SVGFonts format as much. See this legacy discussion to understand why.

I would be very interested by such an approach though.