gui bug?

I started jnode 0.2.3 (iso) using vmware on windows xp. Everything seemed fine, and when the commandline came up, I ran startawt, as per usual. The graphics changed (blue-green background) and the cursor came up, but after waiting a long time nothing else came up (no buttons, windows, etc.)

When I finally got back to the console (or was it the debug console?) I saw the following stack trace:

Click for screenshot of stack trace.

Good work and thanks for your help,
Sam Reid

Known problem

If you get that empty dekstop you can return to the console with alt-f12 and try it again. This is a bug waiting for a fix.
I've never noticed that exception yet though.


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Okay this may have been related to a low RAM specification (I used a .vmx file from the previous release).

How do I get the font to look like in the screenshots? Couldn't find mention of that in the forums.

Sam Reid


Set the jnode.font.renderer to new before starting the gui for the first time:

set jnode.font.renderer new