JDistro on Jnode ???? (A desktop in pure Java)

have you see JDistro ??? A desktop in pure Java

i think might be an alternative to JNode GUI
strating from jdistro have a base that can be used
or at lees learn something from JDistro to use to improve JNode Desktop


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Anyone tried to get JDistro running on JNode?

Anyone tried to get JDistro running on JNode?

Licensing issue

I agree with Fabien. That way licensing problem will be solved. Users will be able to have features of both. Anyhow,GPL and LGPL compatibility issue should be resolved and made clear to everyone.

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i do not like the Unix-like JSH command line

If Jnode uses the Jsh, it ends up as another Unix with an fancy GUI. How about making a completely new commandline?

Everyone to their own taste ...

There is no reason why Jnode should be restricted to one command shell / language. (See my blog) And there should be nothing stopping you (or anyone) from developing their own shell.

That having been said, there are good reasons for Jnode to include a shell language that is compatible with the UNIX standard:

  • The language works well (enough) as a scripting language as 30 or so years of UNIX history demonstrate.
  • Hundreds of thousands of programmers are familiar with it.
  • If we also implement a suite of UNIX-compatible utilities, we get a good (enough) environment for system building.

Granted, "sh" and friends are unsexy, and certainly are dated in some respects. But (as anyone who has tried will attest) designing a usable language is hard, and convincing other people to use it is even harder.

JDistro on JNode


You may want to contact Gerard Collin who tried to do it.
Besides some problems with Java 2D graphics, there is also a license problem as JNode is LGPL and JDistro is GPL.
My opinion is that free software should be free to integrate with other free softwares without the need for the second software to change its license.


no real licensing issue

Hi anthony,

I had a discussion on #classpath channel (that sounds to me a good place for discussing licensing issues like GPL and LGPL compatibility).

Here is a summary of what I understood :
Someone said me that there is an exception in the GPL licence that allow a GPLed software to use a LGPL (or any other licence, proprietary or not) if it only rely on APIs (in our case JDistro mainly rely on swing+awt APIs). The other point is that since JNode is an operating system and JDistro an application that has nothing JNode specific, that shouldn't be a problem.

So, if we use the standard distribution of JDistro (without modifying the source code nor the jar) there is no issue.

All that said, if the JDistro authors agree (or change their licence to LGPL), there should be no problem.


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Licensing is not a Big Issue for JNODE

Fabien Dummy you are right.......LICENSE is not a big issue for the supporters of the JNODE.....
If the Open Source community thinking too with the Licenseing issue then wht is diference will with M$ and OpenSource.....
And as we are OS developing group...we will want to run every applications on JNODE.....so Licensing will not be a BIG ISSUE for us Smiling