Broadcom 570x in Dell Latitude D610

has anyone gotten the Broadcom 570x ethernet to work? i am running on a Dell Latitude D610.

i get the following error on startup:

org.jnode.driver.DriverException: Cannot find iobase: first address is not I/O

at (

The driver is not

The driver is not implemented yet. I started working on it, but haven't had the time to get realy on with it.


I now recall why I didn't

I now recall why I didn't continued on the driver; It's the first real 64 bit pci device we encounded. There are currently no other devices of that kind in JNode.


ok, i gotcha. any way i

ok, i gotcha. any way i could help? or would i have to sign some NDA as well?

I signed a nda to get the

I signed a NDA to get the documentation from Broadcom, so if you're interested in the documentation, you'll have to do the same. A other place where you could get some help is in some of the linux implentations. I've some days off from my work now, so maybe I could take a look on the driver again, and maybe we could meet on irc to talk about how you can help.