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A complaint about java (so I heard) is that java programs -being run under a virtual machine- are much slower than other programs.

I understand I it is posibile now (under Jnode) to run java programs without the added layer of Windows & JVM interfaces. That should be much faster, right?

Is it posible to run JNode under JNode (in a JVM)?

AFAIK, JNode have some

AFAIK, JNode have some native assembler code,So I don't think it can run in a standard JVM.


In most of the world, many of them used java. JNode is very creditable. If this facility will work successfuly it would be useful for programmers, students, developers, users.,

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The crucial point is the

The crucial point is the quality of the JVM, and not as much the operating system. Those that interpret bytecodes are much slower than those that compile the bytecodes to native machine code which most modern JVM's do.

Please note that the JNode JVM does not support (last I looked) code hot swap or the JDPA debugging facility.

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If you look at the draft

If you look at the draft 0.3 plan we have a point called Implement JDWP debugging protocol, but as we found that the Classpath project are working on this matter we are focusing on other parts of the plan that we miss.

I just ran a search and found this SummerOfCode from the Classpath project. They writes "Classpath contains a generic JDWP server implementation", so if someone have spare time you can contact Levente.