The file contains test32.vmdk,

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The file contains test32.vmdk, a test FAT32 4Gb VMware VMDK image (5.0 and up) that you can mount with JFat under JNode for test purpouses.

The image contains a 4Gb FAT32 FileSystem, formatted under XP SP2
and labeled TEST32, on Fri May 12, 18:30 2006, in a single primary
0x0b partition.

The disk image has GRUB 0.95 installed on its MBR record
and so can be used to boot JNode too.

To boot JNode use the OS you more like, XP, Linux or even
JNode itself to transfer the JNode files *.jgz and *.gz
from the JNode cd-x86-lite ISO image to the root of this FAT32.

Then copy the file \BOOT\GRUB\MENU.LST over the
file \boot\grub\grub.conf on this image ... and voila' ...
you will have JNode to boot from this FAT32 ... with the
same GRUB menu used on cd-x86-lite ISO image.

You can then easily edit the grub.conf file using the
JNode "edit" command available on the full module.

I'm sure JFat still have a lot of bugs ... so after
a while that this image is used from Jnode ... take
the time to attach it to an XP and at least do a "chkdsk"
command from the command line to verify the Fat integrity.

That will greatly help to discover JFat bugs and to keep
the Jfat happy Eye-wink ...

G. Vitillaro (aka alea)

P.S. This README was written, using the "edit" command,
through JFat, under JNode.

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