Open Source Java

Sun recently announced its intent to make Java open source:
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How would this move influence JNode?

Sam Reid

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Open Source Java is GPL now!

Java will be fully open-sourced under the GPL + Classpath exception! This means that a lot of it can be used for JNode. Especially putting javac into JNode would be very nice and also possible now, the javac code has already been opened. Also the already-GPL'd code of the HosSpot JVM may help.

Note, that with version

Note, that with version 0.2.4 of JNode javac pressent. We use the Eclipse JDT compiler. But sure the point Sun opened their java could bring more to JNode. It's very positive.

No commpatible licence

Hi Sam,

Until now all Opensource licences from SUN were not compatible to GPL afaik. Also SUN uses lots of JNI bindings in their classpath, so I don't think that's a trivial task to switch to SUN and the VM itself is pretty useless I guess, since the structure of our VM differs. I can't see a point why not stay with classpath and our "VM" (i.e. compiler).

Btw. debian will not include sun jdk too, afaik.

Though that is just my personal opinion Smiling


Switching to Open Source Java

Maybe we should move to the open source java now (under the JRL) since our work is still research oriented & not production ready. Then when (and if) Java is fully open source, we can use that license. I realize there are a few problems with this idea (what if it takes 2 years to open source java, or sun decides against open source), but the question is whether the risks & drawbacks are overcome by the benefits.

Sam Reid

Useful article

Thanks sam!! I had read the pages of the link provided.It must be very informative and useful. Definetly it will make some changes in java.

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j0's big jump

it would make a revolutional influence in development of our beloved J0

How will this influence Jnode

Will we just follow Classpath's lead on incorporating the new GPLed code? What about the HotSpot JVM that is available now?

What is the goal of JNode ?

I mean, is it "Classpath OS" or a "Java OS" ?

I do think that as soon as the library modules are there on Java RI, we should also have a look at migration opportunities.

Using Java SE RI would help us to be faster Java compatible and would help reliability toward the existing. In the meanwhile, I do hope that the classpath project will go for a "selective merge" approch that is, if something is better from RI then pull it and ensure tree tracking and patch submission back to RI tree. But if something is better in Classpath, then push patches to RI tree. So that at the end, both tree should be almost in sync. And both tree would be equally Java compatible.

Anyway, just imagine if we can get some OpenGL acceleration on JNode the opportunities that are now opened to JNode Smiling

Classpath will have a

Classpath will have a discussion that night about their future, and that will for sure influence us, too.
But there are some things to keep in mind. SUN jvm is written in C, not in Java, what makes the vm itself "useless" for us. If anything, the class lib could be usefull. I can only guess, but the VM_* classes, i.e. the native code interface, will probably differ from gnu classpath, so it's not an easy task to just switch over to SUN.

In guess we'll just follow gnu classpath, and I don't think they'll cancel there efforts (completly) for now. But let's see what the future brings.. Smiling


Can HotSpot JVM merge with the JNode JVM?

How much of the JVM is OS specific?

It it at all possible?