Support for other processor architectures

Found something about proting it to PPC...
well ...
as I know some pure java assembler for ARM is implemented in OpenWonka JVM. COuld it be a startpoint for supporting ARM in JNode?
What is about of supporting some interface for simple adding of new architectures and boards, may be one alredy exists in JNode?

Others arch/proc

There are no porting developement for the moment. Main objectif is to have a stable X86 (X86_64) version of jnode before porting to other processor/architecture but all contributions are welcome. You can found information about porting here :

Porting guide

Fabien L.

Thanks.I'm agree.I just


I'm agree.
I just think about having take in account crosplatfrom features
at the very beginning because I'm so apsed the way the different platfroms implemented in the Linux Kernel. Each architecture does it it's own way:(