i dont wanna sound like an ignorant want...but guys y so far behind the times set in the plan for release 0.3???

im just saying this cuz im eager to see a stable jnode release with decent GUI (around kubuntu levels)...if i was to ask what the predicted time its gonna take to get to that level, what wud u say??? or wud it be neva.

i dont understand y this project hasnt just rocketed to the moon. how man users are there? im shocked ppl havent just jumped at the idea of this completly new operating system. which unlike most of the rest, is HUGELY different.

we need your help !

Unfortunately, we are not enough :I would say that there is about 6 to 7 average active members (both at development & support/discussion on web/irc) but there is only something like 2 to 3 very active members (doing some development & commit on irc).

You can help us making JNode more known/more visible in order to get more active members (mostly for development but also for testing, write documentation, ...). The more we will be in the team the faster JNode will reach its goals.


my blog (in english and french)

You right

And your help is welcome Smiling

Fabien L.