Well, I was looking around the net at different Java applications, seeing what might be cool to implement into JNode, and I thought, what about adding FTP, or SFTP

Then we could run JNode as a Server 0.0

I also saw some libraries for SSH which would be need for SFTP

Ok, almost finished

I'm down to the last error in the porting process.

It seems that the ssh package creates is State class. Well, there is a nested class called StartStopState that extends Thread, and guess what, the getState() method is not liking the State class for the ssh packages. Time for work-arounds. Laughing out loud

Change it to getTheState()

Now the fun begins with the plugin and descriptors. XD

After that comes the fun of testin, and rewriting code, moving code, banging on keyboards, punching things, and other things associated with frustration. XD

Hi Captain, We have basic

Hi Captain,

We have basic FTP support. It doesn't feature write support, but we can read from FTP. SFTP would be cool too Smiling

You're welcome to help implement it Eye-wink For FTP have a look at the fs code, there you'll find the code for FTP.