Pictures and sounds files in the build process

How does one get pictures and sound files into jar files during the build process.

I have some icons and mp3 samples that I need to go into jar files so that I can test a mp3 player in JNode.

No sound

You should know that JNode has no sound support at all for anything else other than the PC speaker. So adding mp3 media doesn't really make sense at the moment.

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I realize this, but in

I realize this, but in order to test the program, you need an mp3 to make sure everything is in order and working correctly.

I still would like to know though how to add programs to the gui start button menu.

Adding Programsto GUI

How do I add plugins to the GUI start menu?

examples with fonts & images

There is examples here :

you have to modify the build.xml to add filter for your files.
For above examples, there should be *.png, *.bdf, *.ttf, ... search for these ones in /JNode-GUI/build.xml


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Okay, next problem.

Okay, next problem.

How would i include icon jar file into org.test.gui.xml
I was able to build the jar files for the icons and music samples, not comes the task of including in the plugin so I can test it.

**Got it working