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JPC on top of JNode?


I am the team lead for the JPC project - the Java x86 emulator. I would very much like to have JPC "boot" DOS inside JNode on top of RAW hardware. It looks like it should work - JNode supports 1.4 and JPC does not need anything else.

However I'm unfamilar with JNode and how it executes programs etc - I tried to follow the "getting started " notes using VMPlayer, however none of the graphical demos work (looks like the VM is crashing silently). I can only change the colour of the JNode desktop!

I might burn the ISO image to disk now and try on raw hardware, however I think I still need tips on how to copy files onto the JNode PC and then how to "execute them".

If anyone were interested in helping get this combination working that would be great!



JPC on JNode

I've just managed to run JPC on JNode for the first time.
I will commit most of the related changes soon.

See a preliminary screenshot here:

Regards, Levente

Hi Rhys,I've tried to run

Hi Rhys,

I've tried to run JPC under JNode based on this link:

However it fails with a compilation error. Apparently the obfuscated code confuses the JNode JIT, but it can be something else too.

In case you want to try it locally with the not obfuscated version, a possibility is to create a VMWare disk with the FAT32 partition using Windows, copy the jar on it and the startup class if you want to use one, add the disk to JNode (it will be mounted under /devices after startup), add the jar and the directory holding the startup class to the classpath with the classpath command: classpath add file:///full/path/of/the/jpc/jar and similiraly with the directory. Then simply type the startup classname in the shell. (The startup class can be included in teh jar too.) There are several other options too. We can talk more IRC.

On an other note, JPC is a really interesting project from the prespective of JNode both for running JPC on JNode and running JNode on JPC. In case JPC would be opensource this later option opens interesting posibilities like creating advanced debugging and monitoring tools in Java for JNode by directly acecssing the JNode heap by the means of JPC.

Best regards,
Levente Santha

A New Ornaments

hai Rhys,
very very thanks to you for contacting to us!! Smiling The JPC will be a great ornaments of our JNode.This JNode+JPC's real combinatons will be much cool looking.


cool !

Hi Rhys,
that's very great that you contact us !
I would be very glad to help you too.

I wanted to contact your team about open sourcing JPC because it would be so great to be able to debug JNode by running it inside JPC. To better fit that purpose, I think we need to have the sources of JPC.

If I understood correctly you speak about open sourcing JPC on your web site. Could you contact us ? maybe you have some irc channel ? I can't wait to hear you in order we can help each other ...

I hope to see you soon on our irc channel.


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JPC on top of JNode!

Hi Rhys,

I'd be glad to help you on that. You might also want to join our IRC channel for direct help. I find JPC a very nice project and I'd really like to see it running on JNode.

For your problem: You should assign more ram to vmware, the GUI version needs much RAM. Though it's better to start with the "all plugins" or "default" version anyway and start the GUI from commandline. (Also try to run "gc" first to get more free memory Eye-wink)

I personaly test stuff by building the .iso file again and again and test in vmware. For your case you might also want to install JNode to a virtual disk and only test your application. You can either copy files from a remote site inside JNode, use the URLClassloader or use a native partition for vmware (fat formated). E.g.
cp foo.jar
copies the file. But it depends on your needs.

So, nice you're here and hope to hear you soon Smiling

JPC sound very cool

That project sounds very cool.
I hope they will make it open source soon.

Maybe we should be able to run JNode in it or running it inside JNode. Cool, isn't it ?

Running JNode in JPC could allow us to run JNode inside a debugger.


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